Sunday, August 13, 2006

Don’t Loose Money, Invest In Forex Accounts

Have you lost money because your local currency depreciated against major currencies?I believe you should try investing in forex accounts.

A Forex Trading Managed Account (or, hedging fund account) is the investment vehicle that beats devaluation far more than traditional portfolios. A Forex Managed Account is an investment portfolio, privately owned by an individual or institution, but managed professionally by experienced traders in the global currency market.

Here are a few advantages of a forex managed account:

You also have access to check the activity of your account 24 hours around the clock showing you the net value via internet.

You are not affected by the declining value (prices) of any of the currencies your trader will invest in.

You earn above average returns on your investment.

Your funds are kept in a world-wide accepted convertible currency at a first class bank.

You are the only person having access to your account.

Due to all these reasons, I believe that investment portfolios are an excellent foreign exchange generating opportunity for developing countries.

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